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You will find our Frequently Asked Questions, including our policies on this page. 

Refill Policy:

Between 5 - 16 days = 2 week refill 

Between 17 - 23 days = 3 week refill

Between 24 - 28 days = 4 week refill




Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your refill booking.

  • How do I fill out the consultation form?
    You will receive our waiver and consultation form digitally via email prior to your appointment. Filling this form out before your appointment will save us both time, which gives us more time to work our magic on your lashes! *If you do not receive this, please text us at 0451 052 125.
  • Do I need to remove my makeup?
    Please remove all of your eye makeup before your appointment. If possible, it is best to remove all of your makeup before your appointment. *Having makeup on, specifically in the eye area, will make it harder to stick your lash extensions and can cause major fallout after your appointment. Therefore, we advise all clients to cleanse their lashes before their appointment with a lash cleanser or oil-free cleanser. We also provide a cleansing service to ensure your lashes are clean and ready for the extensions to stick properly. So, please ensure that you come to your appointment with clean and makeup-free eyes to get the best eyelash extension service possible at Lyss Bliss Beauty. TIP: Try not to use waterproof mascara 2-3 days prior to your appointment, since it can leave a residue that can prevent extensions from adhering correctly.
  • Can I wear contacts during my appointment?
    It is best not to wear contact lenses during your appointment. We recommend wearing glasses or removing your contact lenses prior to your application to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. Our adhesive fumes may cause irritation or discomfort for those wearing contact lenses, and we want to ensure the best possible results for your lashes.
  • Can I have coffee before my appointment?
    Avoid caffeine before your appointment, as it can make it difficult to lie still during the application process.
  • Where do I park?
    We have free parking on our street/surrounding streets. There is also an IGA car park right next to our house. (We are the second house from the left on 'Waverley Place')
  • When do I come in?
    1a. Please text your lash artist when you arrive. (You will have their number in the confirmation email.) 2. Please wait in your car and your lash artist will let you know when to come in via text.
  • Can I bring a guest/child with me to my appointment?
    Unfortunately, we cannot allow additional guests or children in the salon during your appointment. Our salon is a space for relaxation and tranquillity for all of our clients. To ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all, we require all clients to come alone to their appointment. Our work involves an extreme amount of concentration and focus. To ensure the best possible results and to maintain the highest level of safety, we have implemented a policy against children/guests in the salon during our services.
  • Salt/crying with lash extensions?
    The salt in tears and watery eyes can break down the eyelash extension glue that holds the extensions in place. This is because the salt can react chemically with the eyelash adhesive, causing it to deteriorate more rapidly.
  • Are lash extensions safe?
    Yes, eyelash extensions are safe when applied correctly by a trained professional. At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we understand the importance of safety and take every necessary measure to ensure that our clients have a safe and comfortable experience. We only use professional-grade adhesive (glue) that is specifically designed for eyelash extensions. This adhesive never comes in contact with your skin and adheres to your natural lashes about 1mm away from your skin. We also strictly adhere to safety protocols and standards established by the beauty industry, including proper hygiene practices, and ensuring the right levels of humidity and temperature in our lash extension room. We prioritise the health and safety of our clients and take every precaution to ensure they leave our salon feeling and looking their best.
  • What are eyelash extensions?
    Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way of enhancing the length, thickness, and fullness of your natural lashes. Each extension is meticulously applied to each individual lash using a specially formulated adhesive. Extensions come in various curls, lengths and thicknesses to create a customised look. At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we specialise in lash extensions, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking result for our clients. Our lash artists are extensively trained and use carefully sourced, high-quality products to ensure the health and safety of your natural lashes.
  • How long will a set of lash extensions last?
    When applied by one of our lash artists, eyelash extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes. Depending on your daily routine and makeup wear, the longevity of your eyelash extensions can vary. To ensure the best lash retention, we highly recommend incorporating a lash cleanser into your daily routine to keep them clean and healthy. Typically, we recommend scheduling a refill appointment every 2 weeks to maintain a full and flawless look. At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we pride ourselves on using high-quality products and techniques to provide a long-lasting and beautiful enhancement to our clients' natural lashes.
  • How do I know what type of eyelash extension style will suit me best?
    At Lyss Bliss Beauty, our trained technicians will consult with you to understand the type of style you are interested in and what look will work best with your natural lashes. Keep in mind that fullness, thickness, and length are dependent on your natural lashes. No one has the same eyes, so a style that looks good on a friend may not suit you. Your technician at Lyss Bliss Beauty will consult with you to determine the best style for your lashes, taking into account the amount and length of your natural lashes. We recommend discussing your preferences and concerns with our technicians during your consultation to ensure the best outcome for your desired style. Trust your technician's professional judgement and expertise to help you achieve the best possible result for your unique eye shape and natural lashes.
  • Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?
    No, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes if they are correctly applied. It's a myth that lash extensions automatically cause damage. However, damage can occur from misapplication by untrained lash artists or from pulling, tugging or rubbing your lashes. At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we prioritize safe and proper application techniques to ensure the health and longevity of your natural lashes. Our trained lash artists use high-quality lashes and safe adhesives to prevent any potential damage to your natural lashes. It's important to follow aftercare instructions and avoid excessive rubbing, pulling or tugging to maintain the health of your lashes.
  • What is the difference between Classic, Hybrid and Volume?
    At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we offer three different types of eyelash extension services: classic, hybrid, and volume. Classic lash extensions involve attaching one extension to one natural lash, resulting in a natural and subtle look. Hybrid lash extensions combine both classic and volume techniques, with a mix of single extensions and fans, resulting in a fuller and more textured look. Volume lash extensions are anywhere between 2-6 superfine and lightweight lash extensions attached to create maximum volume for a more fluffy look. Our experienced lash artists will work with you to determine which type of extensions would be best suited for you. We use only high-quality products and take great care to ensure the health and safety of your natural lashes throughout the process.
  • How often should I receive a lash refill?
    Typically, we recommend scheduling a refill appointment every 2 weeks to maintain a full and flawless look. At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we pride ourselves on using high-quality products and techniques to provide a long-lasting and beautiful enhancement to our clients' natural lashes. *ENSURE YOU HAVE 50% OF YOUR LASH EXTENSIONS STILL ON PER EYE TO COUNT AS A REFILL; ANY LESS IS A FULL SET.
  • What is your refill policy?
    Between 5 - 16 days = 2 week refill Between 17 - 23 days = 3 week refill Between 24 - 28 days = 4 week refill *ENSURE YOU HAVE 50% OF YOUR LASH EXTENSIONS STILL ON PER EYE TO COUNT AS A REFILL; ANY LESS IS A FULL SET. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your refill booking.
  • Do you do foreign refills?
    Yes, we do refill other lash technicians' work, (foreign refills) as long as you're okay with them and are happy for us to try and match the same curl, length and thickness. We recommend booking a removal + full set to get the best results and do not recommend foreign refills. We take pride in our work and want to give you the best lash experience possible. *All foreign refills will incur a $20 fee.
  • How do I make my lash extensions last longer?
    To make your extensions last longer, we recommend avoiding oil-based products around the eye area and refraining from rubbing your eyes or touching them as the oils in your fingers can break down the adhesive. Additionally, we suggest avoiding excessive heat and steam, which can weaken the lash adhesive, and going for touch-up appointments every 2-3 weeks to maintain the look of your lashes. By following these tips, you can enjoy long-lasting and beautiful eyelash extensions from Lyss Bliss Beauty.
  • Can I swim, shower, exercise, or go in a sauna while wearing eyelash extensions?
    Showering after getting your eyelash extensions done at Lyss Bliss Beauty is okay. While you can avoid water in the first 24 hours if you prefer, it is not necessary. However, we do advise against taking long showers with hot water as this can weaken the glue and cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. Extensive contact with steam/chlorine such as in saunas, pools or certain facials is not recommended. It is best to avoid exercise and sweating for at least 24 hours after the appointment, as sweat can loosen the lash glue and affect the length of wear. At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we recommend gently cleansing your eyelash extensions daily with an oil-free cleanser (which we sell) to keep them looking their best. It is also important to avoid rubbing your eyes or tugging on your lashes, as this can cause damage to the extensions and your natural lashes. Remember to schedule regular touch-up appointments every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking full and beautiful.
  • Can I apply mascara to eyelash extensions?
    Our eyelash extensions are designed to give your natural lashes an improved look of fullness so mascara is not needed. We recommend avoiding mascara as the formula and removal process can damage the extensions and shorten their lifespan. Additionally, the extensions can provide a natural-looking curl and length, so you can wake up feeling confident and beautiful without having to apply makeup every day. Remember to also gently remove any makeup with a specialised oil-free eyelash extension cleanser (which we sell), as regular cleansers can cause damage to the extensions.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A non-refundable deposit is required to book an appointment. The deposit is transferrable to another appointment time if more than 48 hours notice of cancellation/change has been given. We understand that circumstances can change, and if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible and give us a minimum of 48 hours notice. This ensures that we can offer your appointment time to somebody else who may be looking to book an appointment. If we do not receive at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation, a 50% cancellation fee for your service will be charged. Additionally, if you fail to show up for your appointment without giving us notice, a 100% cancellation fee will be incurred. We value our clients' time and want to ensure that we can accommodate everyone as best as possible, so we appreciate your cooperation in letting us know of any changes to your appointment.
  • Do I need to make a deposit?
    Yes, each service requires a non-refundable deposit. (Price varies on the service.) The deposit is required to book and confirm your appointment online. The deposit is transferrable to another appointment time if more than 48 hours notice of cancellation/change has been given.
  • How do I pay the balance?
    At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we accept payment through our EFTPOS/card machine with a small 1.4% surcharge or in cash. The balance for your appointment will be due after your service is complete. We strive to make the payment process as seamless as possible for our clients, so you can focus on enjoying your beautiful new lashes.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes, Lyss Bliss Beauty offers discounts in several ways: 1. If you refer a friend to Lyss Bliss Beauty, both you and your friend can receive a 25% discount on your services. However, your friend must have their appointment before you can receive the discount. If your service is already discounted, this offer cannot be combined with any other discount. 2. We offer package deals for our eyelash extension services. These packages allow our clients to save on each refill when they purchase multiple appointments in advance. Ask us if you'd like more information to get started. 3. If a junior lash technician is available, you can book their services at discounted prices. This option is visible to you when you book an appointment. At Lyss Bliss Beauty, we want to make our services as accessible as possible while maintaining our high standards of quality and expertise. Keep in mind that these discounts are subject to availability and Lyss Bliss Beauty's terms and conditions.
  • Fix ups?
    If for any reason you are unhappy with your results or any aspect of your service, please contact us within 72 hours so that we can schedule an appointment to fix any potential issues. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience at Lyss Bliss Beauty. Our team will work with you to understand your concerns and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you leave our salon feeling confident and beautiful. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will do everything in our power to make it right. We ask that you please be patient with us, as the availability of your lash artist may vary.
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