• Alyssa O'Rourke


Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Hey beautiful girls,

This is my first time blogging which is quite exciting!

In this blog I'm going to introduce myself to those of you who are more interested in a facade and want to know my background.


I was born & raised in Melbourne- I have 2 siblings (An older Brother and a younger sister) I grew up at a young age with my mum passing when I was 13 years old. I could have given up on everything at that point and gone into a decline, but for those of you who know me, know I'm a fighter, I don't quit and I exceed expectations and always get back up!

I began a new journey in 2012 (when I was 13 ) where I volunteered majority of my time at my church helping others- 7 years later and I still do that and spend most of my time giving back to the community.

My thought process goes a little something like this- If im a capable person why not spend my time helping others, I want to help as many people as I can with the time I have this life and I'm always learning new things and doing courses/training to help in multiple fields.

I've always loved having a lot of things on my plate so I also babysit in my spare time and work at a bridal shop because why the hell not? haha!

Fast foward 6 years later to the point I started my first business 'Lyss Bliss Beauty, This business is my baby and I've put a lot of time and effort into starting it and maintaining it.

I started my business in the East (Blackburn) Then I moved to Point Cook and now have a bigger lash room.

My ultimate goal is to expand to the point I open up a salon in PointCook- Once that succeeds I will open several others starting in the Point Cook area.

I find it very easy to start something new and then make it my passion, Some call me a workaholic/ Obsessed and its true..., but if you want to get up there you've got to put in the effort otherwise the goal is just a goal where as I can make it a reality by putting in my time so thats what I've done/ am doing.

I love lashing and consider it more of a hobby than work!

I'm known to get into real deep conversations and get all motivational- sometimes I forget what I was trying to say and go into a whole new area but my clients love it- Who wants a lash artist that just sits there and complains about their life or is awkward or doesn't speak much English...

I am also very adaptive to the client, if I can see that they're not up for talking and want to just chill and relax then I won't talk as much but girl if you want to talk go for it! Sure its harder to apply lashes but your lash artist is who you spill all your secrets and life problems to... Right?!

Im up for a chat and will hopefully have you leaving feeling uplifted with a definite bonus of a new set of lashes!

I think that sums up enough about me, Thanks for reading my first blog beautiful!

xoxo Lyss

Written by 'Alyssa O'Rourke'

15 Dec 2018

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