If you're at 2 weeks & 4 days, please book a 3 week refill.

If you're at 3 weeks & 4 days, please book a 4 week refill.

If you're at 4 weeks & 4 days, please book a Full-set.


*If your Lash Extensions don't cover at least 40-50% per eye, please book for a Full-set.



A deposit is required. (Price varies on the service)


*The deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee if you cancel/reschedule to a later date within 48HOURS of your appointment.


Otherwise the balance will be paid after your appointment (With our eftpos/card machine or cash) xx


-Please text your Lash Technician when you arrive, She will let you know when to come in.

(Your Lash Technician's phone number details will be in your confirmation email)


- Upon your first appointment with us we will have you fill out our waiver/consultation form, which takes less than 5mins to do.

- If you are under 18 your parent/Guardian will need to sign this form also.


- We will have a short consultation before we begin on what you're looking to get + show you photos so we know exactly what you're after before you lie down. :)

(You're more than welcome to bring photo's of your own if you wish)

Keep in mind the room may be shared with another client, we ask that you have your phone turned off/ on silent & please avoid perfumes where possible. :)


* No visitors or kids (COVID rules)

* A mask is required as well as a fully vaccinated status (Depending on current COVID rules)


QUESTION: Do you Refill other Lash Technician's work?

-Yes we Refill other lash technicians work, as long as you're happy with them and happy for us to try and match the same curl, length and thickness.

*If they were done badly, we suggest you book a 'Removal' & 'Fullset' with us. (But it's up to you)

*All Refills will incur a $20 fee (If we Refill another Lash Tech's work from another Salon)

QUESTION: Do you sell other products?

-Yes we do: 

Lash Cleanser

Sleeping eye masks

Skin products

Collagen Lip Masks

Lash Extensions friendly mascara

Lash serums

Protective Lash Extension sealant


Please ask us about this and we can organise it for you. :)


QUESTION: Can I book for a Refill when I have less than 40-50% of my Extensions on?

- Unfortunately no, please stick to our Refill policy as above. Any less will be a Fullest. 

Thankyou for your understanding.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

xx Lyss Bliss Beauty Team